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Thanks for visiting  If you haven’t guessed by now, I really do think the Sony Vaio sucks.  The fact of the matter is, the overall Sony brand has really gone downhill from the golden days where they were globally renowned for having high-quality, premium products that were well worth their expensive prices.  We used to equate Sony with adjectives like “Flawless Quality” and “Best-in-Class Performance”.  Not anymore.  I created this website to expose Sony for the backhanded company they really are – horrendous customer service, poor-quality products that break almost as soon as you get them, and just an overall “We-Don’t-Care-About-You-Once-We-Have-Your-Money” attitude.

I hope you will join the cause and sign the petition below.  Please add your own story in the comments section when you sign – it really helps to prevent other people from making costly mistakes and trusting this shockingly awful company.

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6 Thoughts on “Welcome to – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

  1. Mac is one of the easiest OS to learn. A lot of popele who have used Windows are somewhat intimidated by it. However, Mac OS is one of simplest OS and it usually takes the common person about 1 day to get a good handle on it, even if they haven’t tried it before. If you are considering a Macbook ($ 899), Macbook Pro($ 1199) or a Ipad($ 499 $ 899), then the simple and easiest answer for anyone is the Macbook Pro. Its going to have so much more to offer than either of the other two and its priced at $ 1200 which is a very good price. The Macbook is ok, but you will have to upgrade it within 2-4 years to stay current.The Ipad is definately not worth it yet, the next generation of the Ipad to come will definately be worth it. But at this point, the Ipad is not ready for the common consumer. It was more a marketing skeem to say, hey its here, we have it, and we didn’t put enough technology into the first generation but we will have in the next generation if you buy our first generation Ipad. So, Make the smart choice and buy a Macbook Pro. The OS is Simple, the Technology will last, and the price is good. It will be the most for your dollar and totally worth it.

  2. My story Part 2: I submitted one story about the awful quality of my Vaio… I wanted to add to that about other Sony products: As a teen in the 90′s, I was excited to get my first ever CD player boombox for Christmas. Knowing I was going to get my first CD player, I owned 1 CD already to play. It did not play. The f******* boombox was BROKEN RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Garbage! Then, years later… I had saved up some money to get my first Playstation. I was so excited. I took it home. I hooked it up. I popped in a game. Nothing happened. The piece of **** brand new Playstation was BROKEN RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. I also happen to remember the Best Buy d-bag trying to tell me they could only exchange the console once because (according to him) there were variations in hardware that meant it couldn’t play older games (yeah, what a doofus… Sony isn’t the only company that lowered my opinion of them that day). I had a Playstation 2 that eventually could not read the black PS2 discs. I watched as my friend’s Sony Ericsson T-610 fell apart over time with ZERO abuse, just normal use. I read about Bravia TVs overheating and catching fire. Some may say “all your experience is anecdotal’. Absolutely! An anecdote that tells me I’ll never buy Sony again. (I will admit, the ONE Sony product that never failed me was my old PSP… though I guess the lack of interesting games was the trade off for something of better quality!).

  3. VeryDerpyBrony on January 19, 2014 at 10:21 am said:

    So I recently bought a new sony vaio laptop it was working fine until I upgraded it to windows 8.1 the screen keeps on turning on and off it takes forever to load one thing! It won’t even load up internet explorer or windows store! I wasted $917 ON GARBAGE

  4. Have a Sony Vaio S VPCSA35GG and it noisy, hot and very unstable. Have had noting but problems with it. Spent an extra 800 on it and installed a 750 G SSD to reduce the noise as Sony said it should fix it and nope….. still sucks. I think its a mother board but SOny just wont do anything.

    Never buy one again…….ever…3 G’s down the tubes

  5. Barbss on April 19, 2014 at 12:04 am said:

    So my dad as a Christmas gift gave me a Pink Sony Vaio laptop, with touch screen. I was so excited since it was new and I figured that it was going to me amazing and super useful, specially because it was touch, but no. After 2 weeks of opening, my Netflix app wouldn’t open. or it would kick me out. and so I though it was the app, until I tried with more apps, and none were working. After that, it turned super slowly and everything I would try to open, would just kick me out, specially my sims games (yes i’m a geek like that, and no im not 14 years old) I had to reset it COMPLETELY. Again I had to download all my apps again. After that it was working properly, until a few weeks ago, were THE SAME started to happen. Anything won’t open, if it does, it’s hours later, sometimes days. So if I tried to open my google Chrome on Saturday, it would either not open at all, or open until the next Monday. I called Sony, but they do not undertand the problem, or they just give me a simple way to fix it, as if I haven’t tried it already.
    The saddest part of all is that it was very very expensive. Luckily me I wasn’t the one who paid for it. Of course, now Im back using Macbooks, which has never EVER given me any problems, and works BY FAR a lot better than Sony.

  6. The touch pad on my sony VAAYAAIAOO laptop is horrible.
    The guy in the store sucked me into paying more money for the SONY telling me it was faster and more reliable, it is neither. I will never buy another SONY product.

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