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Thanks for visiting  If you haven’t guessed by now, I really do think the Sony Vaio sucks.  The fact of the matter is, the overall Sony brand has really gone downhill from the golden days where they were globally renowned for having high-quality, premium products that were well worth their expensive prices.  We used to equate Sony with adjectives like “Flawless Quality” and “Best-in-Class Performance”.  Not anymore.  I created this website to expose Sony for the backhanded company they really are – horrendous customer service, poor-quality products that break almost as soon as you get them, and just an overall “We-Don’t-Care-About-You-Once-We-Have-Your-Money” attitude.

I hope you will join the cause and sign the petition below.  Please add your own story in the comments section when you sign – it really helps to prevent other people from making costly mistakes and trusting this shockingly awful company.

Click Here to Sign the Petition Now

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