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Thanks for visiting  If you haven’t guessed by now, I really do think the Sony Vaio sucks.  The fact of the matter is, the overall Sony brand has really gone downhill from the golden days where they were globally renowned for having high-quality, premium products that were well worth their expensive prices.  We used to equate Sony with adjectives like “Flawless Quality” and “Best-in-Class Performance”.  Not anymore.  I created this website to expose Sony for the backhanded company they really are – horrendous customer service, poor-quality products that break almost as soon as you get them, and just an overall “We-Don’t-Care-About-You-Once-We-Have-Your-Money” attitude.

I hope you will join the cause and sign the petition below.  Please add your own story in the comments section when you sign – it really helps to prevent other people from making costly mistakes and trusting this shockingly awful company.

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238 out of 253 (Over 94%!) Consumers Agree: Sony Vaio Sucks

According to, 238 out of 253 Sony Computer users agree that Sony just plain sucks.  Many customers, after having repeated issues with untimely and unsustainable fixes, just chalk it up to a loss in money. A loss in money of almost $1000, countless hours wasted in time with robotic customer service, and stress from dealing with the idiots at Sony.

My Sony Vaio Sucks Horror Story

I purchased a brand-new Sony VAIO S series laptop in December 2011 and started having issues with random start up/shut down in January. The computer also appeared to be unnaturally hot. The procedures/program to system restore would not work on my computer.  I reported this to their customer service hotline so they sent a technician. After having a technician come to my house 4 times (the tech first replaced just the fan, forgot to send a new hard drive, then replaced the motherboard and still didn’t have the hard drive. In the last two times, he continued to send the wrong parts.), the screen also started malfunctioning. The screen wouldn’t turn on unless the lid was all the way open.

So now a month and half into the process, they told me to send it in to their repair center, because the parts are on back order for the technician and they would be able to solve all the issues if I send it in. So I sent in the laptop to get it back the following week. The screen now appears to work. I reloaded all my programs onto the computer, but lo and behold, the random shutdown issue is still present. Again, they want me to send it to their repair center.

Now it is March.  It’s been almost 4 months and my brand-new Sony computer STILL function properly! So I called the service center and told them I do not want the laptop at all and would like a refund. They said something to the effect of “O well I’m sorry about it’s past the 30-day return period”. Luckily for them, my computer happened to start failing only 40 days after I purchased it. They asked me to ship it again to the service center and that if they deem it “unrepairable,” they might replace the laptop with another laptop. This time, it takes 2 weeks at the repair center because parts are back ordered. I’m supposed to receive the laptop “sometime soon”.  But I have no idea whether it will work or how long it will be until it fails again. I don’t know how Sony can run a business this way. I will never again purchase another Sony Vaio laptop or a Sony product in general.

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Aaron Wang,
Not a very big fan of Sony friend had a horrible experience with hers....

Sony sux so bad

Gregory Taylor,
I am a computer repair technician and manager for a store in the Seattle Area. Among certain computers I specialize in, including HPC clusters, servers and workstations, I also specialize in Laptop repairs and component level work. Aside from HP, Sony has to have the absolute worst laptops I have ever encountered. Their VAIO brand of laptops feature poorly made and poorly designed FoxConn motherboards that, given the extremely cheap components, I am surprised even work right out of the box. One of the biggest obstacles I deal with is in regards to cracked screens on Sony VAIO Laptops, as well as vibration damage to hard drives on their laptops. When someone cracks a screen, 9 out of 10 times it shorts the fuses on the motherboard rendering the backlight useless. Sometimes it does even further damage causing total failure of the entire backlight circuit on the motherboard and damaging the GPU, rendering the laptop useless. The issue with the hard drives have to do with the fact that despite the extremely high prices of Sony VAIO laptops, they offer no shock protection for their hitachi or toshiba drives that they feature, creating a situation where you have an extremely thin and fragile laptop that you have to practically baby to prevent head crashes, scratched platters or dead sectors within 6 months of purchasing the laptop. Sony VAIO is the 2nd worst brand of laptops ever. Right under HP.

Bruna Rocha,
I am extremely disappointed in SONY. My computer has not been working for three weeks. On looking for help on their website, I came across tasteless jokes such as "SONY doesn't cover breakages due to acts of God". When you're desperate, trying to get your computer to work, this just isn't funny. Trying to find the right contact number on their website is not straightforward, and once you do find it, it's an expensive number to call, after which you are left on hold for several minutes. When I finally got through I was informed that because of an update to their system, they couldn't give me much information and the operator I spoke to "promised" to call me back, which she never did. To make matters worse, they ask you to answer a questionnaire after the call - while you are paying through the nose for it! All they finally did was recommend a pick up service for out-of-warranty computers, ignoring my email with complaints. I gave up on them. All I can now say is, don't commit my mistake, don't buy a SONY VAIO!!!

I have 2 sony vaio's (circa 2011) and both of them suffer from the same problem....they are possessed. They decide to boot randomly. Absolute junk. The golden days of sony are over. In my mind, Sony is equated with "junk". Both of my alienware comps. run flawlessly. I'm sorry sony, however, after decades of loyalty (TV, audio, comps...etc.) I will not purchase anything more from your company. Later...and enjoy the ride to the bottom.

Barbara Grossmann,
Poor componets, Sony makes crap!

Liam Sheerin,
I only hate Vaio because I bought one. I paid £2000 for a Vaio Z. The screen crapped out, They replaced it with a lower res screen and damaged it in the process. They then replaced the incorrect screen and damaged the lid and now I get a double click for every single. Oh, they will repair it again but they won't give a refund. They tried to send me a charge to apologise: they fucked this up as well, twice. Dreadful twats

I bought a Cyber-shot camera 10 months ago. Within two months to shutter wouldn't open unless I touched it. A month later the latch that keeps the battery and memory card in would open when put down. About a month later the dial (to change from flash to no flash, to memory to options, etc) became unhinged and turned. Basically so if I wanted to look at my pictures I had to click the button for flash. Recently I dropped the camera from about 2 1/2 feet from the group and that was the end of it. The lens would not retract and the shutter would not open.
So, I called Sony, they said so long as I can prove I bought it less than a year ago they can repair it for me and all I have to do is pay for shipping! Wow, what a great deal I thought. So I spend the money to ship it to Texas where 4 weeks later they call and say they can't fix it because the damage is too severe. I said, well your representative did NOT make it clear to me that this would be a problem, in fact she made it sound like everything was great! They said sorry, bye. I said, NO, I want a refund on my shipping and to talk to someone else. After refusing to transfer me to another person on the phone I hung up and called another number and spoke to someone else who told me the best they could do was give me a 50% off coupon for another Sony camera and that I should be receiving that via e-mail soon. I said, 'Fine'. The next day they call and say, actually we meant 15% not, 50%. Obviously I was livid and said forget the coupon I want a refund on the shipping, my shit camera sent back and I will be buying an Olympus Camera. Thanks. Bye.

Aditya Jaiswal,
Today I got really pissed off with my Vaio laptop and just out of seer frustration typed in the browser search "Sony Vaio Sucks" and wolla!!!! I am not the only one. Have this vaio laptop since last 4 years and it has never worked properly. Only after the first few months the display problems started and when I contacted the support guys they asked for as much as the laptop itself to repair!! I got temporary fix from outside and in few months the problem's back. And in my recent search found that it a very common problem and is due to some fucked up Nvidia card which Sony tried to hide. Never in my life I am going to spend a single penny on Sony product again. SONY VAIO SUCKS BIG TIME

I hate Sony Vaio too!!! E series is horrible.

Sony Vaio absolutely SUCKS! This is my first Sony Product and I will NEVER purchase another Sony product again. Unfortunately a friend recommended this computer to me and claimed it would last me many years to come. WRONG! Everything on this website is 100% True. They charge an exorbitant amount of money for a product that is defective, and they do not stand behind their products. I purchased a Sony Vaio VGN-FW590F3B in March 2010 a few months ago the computer stopped charging. Sony has a really defective design and placed the port for the power cord in the hinge of the lap top. I called Sony today because I feel they should repair the computer and I should not incur an additional repair cost because the product is defective. First off their website does not even recognize the model number. The agent on the line said that I could pay to ship the laptop in to have it analyzed for a Service fee but most likely the problem is a "hardware or motherboard" issue and the repairs are costly and exceed 0. So basically I need to buy another computer. How can Sony treat customers like this!? 00 for a computer that lasted 2 years? Ridiculous! Sony is a terrible product with terrible design and terrible customer service. Do not purchase any Sony products. You will regret it and so will your bank account!

Arjun Puri,
15 month old TV bought for 2000 dollars and the LCD panel is defective; TV won't come on. They will give me 300 bucks off a new TV and were very rude about even that. Never buy them.

Allie Shepherd,
This computer has been hell since the day I opened it. I am so disappointed that I was lulled into a false sense of security by the brand name of 'Sony'. That will never happen again.

Adam Mercadante,
". . .poor-quality products that break almost as soon as you get them. . .". Bingo. I bought a brand new custom built Sony Vaio E Series laptop on 10/18. I did not receive it until 4 days ago (11/01). I had to wait two weeks and received a message saying something along the lines of "please be patient, we are building your laptop... good quality takes time". Today, it stops working entirely (11/04). It kept restarting after being on for between 5-10 minutes, saying I need to look up some error online and how to fix it; which I thought, how nice, make me go on a hunt for how to fix this problem. After searching on my desktop for how to fix the problem, I return to my laptop to find that it now won't boot up at all. It brings me to a blue screen which says "your computer needs to be repaired" and that if I do not have access to restore files I need to contact the administrator or manufacturer. I go to the website, am given a number, I call the number and am given another number which directs me back to the website. I open the live chat and talk to someone named Sasha who gives me a run around until she finally gives me a number which I have to call tomorrow for repairs and another number for returns; we'll see how that goes. Three days. I GOT THREE DAYS OUT OF THIS LAPTOP.

Roger Cowin,

Rishi Kumar,
I LOVE my Sony Vaio S Series! It's the best! I only got it for 9 at Bestbuy, it was 0 with one year of Bestbuy Protection and two years of Antivirus Software. Along with recently buying my Sony Vaio, I got Windows 8 for only .99, and gestures work with my trackpad– even though it is a little small. I love my Sony Vaio. I even bought a backpack designed for laptops, so the chances of me cracking my screen or my actual hard drive are minimum. If something does happen, I know I am covered with a manafacturing warranty for a year and also Bestbuy's one year warranty, so repair should be done quickly.

Sony wants to charge £50 for recovery disks and never warned me about this extortionate cost when I started using my laptop. Now I want to cancel my extended 3-year warranty and Jacob at Sony
Vaio Support UK tells me I can't. I had to forward the terms proving that Sony will provide a pro-rata refund and am hoping they understand what clause 6 means:
I can't believe Sony support is clueless about what they're supporting!

Eduardo Resende,

Elliot Cottle,

I was never so disappointed by any Device.
Not even by Apple Products.

Sony Vaio really sucks

Bought a Sony VAIO for my daughter for Christmas 2012. It worked for a week and then the screen went black with a message "operating system mot found". Sony sent a tech over to our home to "fix" the problem. He put in a new hard drive because the original was defective. Then left 6 disks for us to work with to I guess "recover" windows 8. Well, after 1 to 1.5 hours of going through the disks 1-6, the computer would not take disk 6. We called Sony again and the phone tech took us through the whole routine again and after another 1 hour or so again, the same thing happened. Called Sony again and what they said was they were gonna send a packet with 6 disks in 3-5 days because disk 6 was probably defective. So after waiting four days for the tech to come to our house, now we have to wait another 3-5 days for some disks. They also had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy a 1 year extended warranty on the laptop. DON'T BUY SONY VAIO!

i got a Sony S, costed me around 2k USD. Kept frrezing every time i opened it, and its insanely noisy. Note, i bought this in 2011 and when i sent it into repairs they said that the "tests"reveal no problem. Still my computers fucked up and i cant afford to buy another one.

Vaio having a jet engine attached to my computer (the fan)

I got one of these dreaded laptops and guess what the jack that the powercord plugs into broke like a piece of wood the plastic is so cheap and its integrated into the motherboard and cannot be fixed without replaceing the motherboard plus the hdd is fried and its restore will not work.Sony sucks they use cheap plastic that is rigged to break so you have to keep giving them money after you buy there shitty product.They might as well make there laptops out of straws and wood.Its garbage fuck sony.

My Vaio always shutdown no matter I choose, restart, lock, log off, hibernate, or sleep. The amount of time to boot is also ridiculously long.


My Vaio struggled just to sign this petition.

Kevin Lance,
They denied my warranty saying bullshit expenses for shipping 0 I have to pay no matter what. There laptop is shit and I suffered big time as I bought it for 1200$ and 0 repair cost for shit.

Dale Gross,
I mainly have slow internet and connectivity problems, and I know it is the Vaio, not the ISP. I ran a side-by-side test pitting my 00 new Vaio against an old and obsolete Dell. The Dell smoked the Vaio, with four times the speed.

WORST PC iVE EVER OWNED!!!! Got it for my wife for a Christmas gift and I've been embarrassed ever since she turned the thing on. I purchased this Sony VAIO because I wanted something that was sleek and apple-like. This thing isn't even close to an apple product. For that matter I've had more success with my old cell phones... worst product on earth!

I didn't have any problems the first few months of use. But then, the computer simply wouldn't run applications anymore. I went to the websites of the applications (Rosetta Stone, World of Warcraft, Wacom Bamboo tablet in particular, since all of these are very costly), but the errors I had been experiencing all said there was something wrong with the computer. I tried posting a question on the Sony community - it simply wouldn't post. I am extremely mad that I paid 0 for a laptop that doesn't do half of what I need it to - less than a year after purchase. I don't know where I'll get the money to replace this piece of junk. But I can promise my replacement laptop will definitely not be from Sony.

Lousy and very expensive assistance. slow computer,battery dies in 1 hour. Horrible updates.

Kimberly Turner,
SONY SUCKS!!! They could care less about a few unhappy people. I have a VAIO that has crashed twie in two months and the first happened right after I purchased. I wanted a replacement...HAHAHA!!! Not happening under the warranty. I will run over this piece of crap and go purchase a real computer. Still extremely frustrating.


Russell Grant,
I hate this computer. The worst peice of junk I've ever bought. I'd like to slap the manufacturer.
Makes me not want to buy sony ever again.


Everytime, seriously everytime, I got a Sony Vaio notebook for repair it was only hard to do because of Sonys tries to prevent the user from installing whatever they want, get into the bios, not booting from external disks or flash drives or simply horrible quality of LCD displays. A new problem with Sonys manipulated Windows 8 OS, you could almost bet on, are corrupted boot files out of nothing. And somehow Sony managed to make the annoying automatic repair option not to appear when you once need it. Sony Vaio, the standard of horrible build quility in software and hardware ways.

Got 2 Sony Vaios, CS series a while back. They came with a fan problem that was a fault from Sony. Obviously Sony South Africa wanted nothing to do with it. Customer care shoddy at best. So if u dont want hassles and to be treated like its your fault that ur Sony product is faulty from the get go, or a few weeks later, STAY AWAY FROM SONY!!!

Rich Rys,
VAIO is driver hell!!!!! A specfic order for their crappy driver installs!!

I am one of those, who bought sony vaio in 2011 being convinced that sony is still a good brand and produces high-quality products. Now, after some time, I know I have mistaken. I cannot say I have had such a bad experience with their laptops like many of you do, however I am not pleased with them either. My computer was from that series with better performance having decent CPU and graphics card. (But it was quite expensive when compared to the other laptops having the same - even better - specs) However, it has overheating issues that make it problematic for me to play even not that demanding computer games! My laptop just shuts down itself. That is also very annoying when playing a multiplayer game. Also the amount of having blue screen of death is uncountable. I have never had problems with BSOD on that big scale. And since I reinstalled my OS several times, I can calmly say that BSOD did not occur because of a software error, so it must be the hardware.
All in all, my trust in Sony was broken. I don't think I am going to buy any product from them ever again.

Absolute piece of shit. Hard disk developed problems in less than three months of ownership. When I would listen to music stored on the hard disk it would occasionally make a robotic 'skipping' noise. It did this from out of the box and just a day ago the hard disk failed. I will NOT be buying any more Sony products. I was clearly misled by believing Sony's 'reputation' of quality and durability. It is garbage.

Freaking -a. I bought an Asus finally after my sony finally stopped turning on--- started with not starting up 1/10 times. Now I have to put all of my weight on it over the motherboard and it can take up to 3 days to turn on. I hate sony vaios!!!! I tell everyone and their mother not to buy them!!

Worst computer ever!!!

Sanchit Agarwal,
Hangs all the time inspite of boasting a 2.5ghz i3 and 2gb ram. Even with Intel hd 4000 you cant run low config games. Seriously sucks!


my system software became corrupted on my new laptop vaio e series. Sony charged me to purchase disks for the recover for . I will never buy a sony product every again and will tell every friend of mine to never buy a sony product

I like my laptop and all, but I HATE SONY SUPPORT. I had the most ignorant man talking over me, and when I ask if he could not hear he said that he could hear me fine. So I asked why he was talking over me; he ignored my question and yet again began to talk over me without regard to the customer. I am so annoyed, and my laptop definitely was not fixed.

Hi, I purchased a brand new sony vaio VPCS132GX laptop.. few weeks were fine, afterwards the HDD started screaming.. after like 7 months the HDD was gone... i replaced newone.. now another problem started.. the screen is flicking.. there are lines on the screen.. .. its my personal advise.. never ever buy sony vaio laptop.. and one more funny thing is , i tried to open the laptop screen.. what i found was the funnies thing.. it actually had SAMSUNG screen..
Damn u losers... i really am hating SONY VAIO..

Ravi Thakur,
Sony Vaio is piece of shit which I got after spending 1000 USD. It process very slow like anything, I got lost my keyboard very next day of warranty expires. I dont know who Idiot has designed this shit and sony is selling them..

It's amazing to me that a company can promise something, not deliver, and not be considered fraudulent.
If I promised something to my customers, and didn't: I'd be out of a job.

Sony doesn't have customer service department, I searched and search their web, only the support team which acts like robots, no soul, no heart. The empire is collapsing

Erick Fuentes,
2 laptops with GPU soldering problems? c'mon!!!

Sony Vaio sucks. I bought T series core i7 from Sony store. It broke three times already and this will be the fourth time sending the same laptop to the repair facility for repair. Sony Vaio sucks.

Bought my Sony vaio in 2011, and it has always been slow. The stupid media program constantly searches for media, even though I have clicked the option for this not to happen countless times. It is currently frozen, as it is daily. Funny part, it is Vaio Care that is frozen! Even better, the task manager I brought up to end the program is too! Never buy another Sony product...


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I asked for a personalized one... Then it took 4 months, in one month the hard drive was caput...then in 10 months they exchanged the computer for a new one ( and gave me extended warranty for another 3 years) a year later again this vaio sound like I am in the middle of the airport...dealing with vaio customer is like dealing with hell

My Vaio has a flickering screen even in the BIOS setup and booting with Linux Ubuntu, so nothing to do with Windows.
Sony is ignoring us even though lots of users have the same problem (just google or vaio flickering screen)

Kelly W. Klunk,
What a piece of shit!!!

Signing this petition on my phone because the piece of shit vaio only decides to turn on about once a week if I'm lucky.
Word of advice if you're considering buying a vaio: don't.

And what about providing drivers for wifi card easily, or the nation homing Sony is just a reflection of Sony attitude? After wiping the whale and dolphins off the planet, after irradiating the all word by building Nuke plant over Faults They cannot provide easy access to Drivers.... ???LOL!!!

My family invested in a laptop for me, which was of course a big step. A sony E series it is and oh boy, what a waste of money. Frustrating really! 4 months in it got some random error and wouldnt start untill I refreshed it. Which btw, would not work because even that got an error. Thus the laptop wanted me to recocer my data into a hard drive and reset the laptop. Luckily I had an external hard drive, which when I tried to recovet data into. The laptop got stuck again and again and again

Corey Robinson,
My life behind the computer has been HELL since I bought a Sony Vaio. I would rather have a typewriter that this 00 hunk of plastic!

Dave Neugebauer,
New Vaio does not work properly and has caused me a loss of income and endless headaches

I bought a SONY Vaio a year ago and start doing weird things right after I started updating software. I decided to take it to the Store, after a year-no warranty-I had to pay almost 400 dollar to replace the mother board-it has been a month! and it is still in the shop. Now, last night, I decided to upgrade my wife's laptop (valued almost 1000 dollars) from Windows 8 to 8.1 .... the same crap! to GUI no nothing! this is just pure SHIT! Don't buy any VAIO!

david whitney,
Vaio sucks and there updates screwed me

David Black,
This is my 5th and last Sony Vaio VGN-Z5
If I hadn't so much important stuff on it I'd take a hammer to it and smash it to pieces - at least I'd feel better. I often come close to throwing it at the wall. I dream of ways to kill it.
2 - 3 times a day it just gets stuck - hangs in whatever its doing - I need to force it to shut down and wait another 10 minutes as its pathetic retarded brain tried to get it back into action. The simplest tasks really confues it - I think its got dementia.
In the night, when I want to sleep, it wants to start up again for no reason - if its not plugged in, it fires up and runs itself flat so when I come back in the morning the battery's flat.
I hate it with a passion.
It's turning me to drink - I need to go now for another whiskey,

Francis Yu,

Tim Davis,
Three SONY CD players, one SONY camera, and one SONY VAIO computer completely stopped working after less than ONE YEAR! NO MORE SONY PRODUCTS, EVER. FUCK YOU, SONY.

what was i thinking?

Sony sells a Mercedes Benz and delivers a Lada.

I bought the top of the line F Series. Within 2 years, a USB port stopped working, the keyboard started to fail, and the motherboard failed. The specs were high but it never lived up to them in terms of performance. The quality is awful, though the surveys put Sony at the top at the time. They come up with obscure model numbers so it's hard to find parts. Sony itself won't sell you parts. Fuck you Sony. Go to hell.

I bought sony Vaio, I have hours and hours into repair and on the phone. The drivers are messed up and I can not connect to the internet wirelessly

Rohan narula,

joey musante,
Who wants to have a good laugh at a horrible product?

P Rutten,
Four years old and NO memory upgrades available. Never again.

Yup. I agree, Sony Vaio does suck. I got it for Christmas...wasn't working properly. Exchanged it....gave me issues again. Then I did some research and decided to give it yet another try...issues again. Terrible product, waste of time. Random boots, unnecessary boots, possessed mousepad, No internet Connection when there is. Just terrible

Richard Giannini,
Worst 00 ever spent. I always got cheap computers figured id spend money on a "good" one slowest computer ever worst customer support. I have used this computer Mayb 20 times in the year I had it because I hate it so much and of course I messed up and called 11 days out of warranty still will not help me without spending which is crazy. Thanks for nothing sony I will NEVER buy any sony product again and will make sure everyone I know wont.

I have never been so disappointed with any computer. I feel cheated frankly. Yes, I bought a cheapo thing, but 500 $ is also money. And when a freaking giant like SONY does you this way it feels terrible. I mean hello it's Japan, they are supposed to care of not losing their face.
problems, terribly slow, mouse problems - mouse has a will of its own, I guess.
Or may be they should just create Cheap Shit line of products, call them the real name then. But - also not cheap! Sorry for losing my nerve but it's been boiling inside for quite some time.

As you can see by my Japanese screen name, I feel that the Sony Vaio has brought shame to the nation of Japan and it has created an infamous environment of storytelling about how terribly Japanese companies are performing in the industry of creating reliable personal computers.

I prefer to avoid name brand computers such as Dell and HP because they are usually overpriced, underpowered collections of garbage components and bloatware, but two years ago I needed to buy a decent laptop for web surfing, writing and some gaming, and generally you do not build your own laptops. I chose a Sony because it had an Nvidia card, it was on sale and I thought it had a better reputation than its competitors. After all PlayStations are solid gaming machines. The Vaio is not a purchase I would make again.

The hardware worked well initially but the bloatware and default settings were obnoxious and offensive. It by default sends information to Sony and inexplicably lights up the keyboard like a Christmas tree without permission or requesting. Yet at the same time it is wasting energy with this worthless display, it is set by default to a useless power saving setting that turns the screen black repeatedly. Let us not talk about the obnoxioius Vaio adware and other rubbish installed and loaded into memory every time the laptop is turned on. It took quite some time to disable and uninstall this load of memory-sucking, crash-causing rubbish, spyware, adware and malware that is active by default. Hours of my life have been wasted tracking down and uninstalling or disabling this trashware.

I never used the Wireless setting, not even once, but hundreds of Megabytes of RAM are wasted on multiple programs trying to perform Wireless tasks in the background even when the Wireless has been disabled on a hardware level.

Now that I have owned the laptop for only two years the hardware is failing. Routine data errors become inescapable death spirals in which no task goes completed and even Windows task manager fails to kill processes or force shutdowns. Hard battery pulls are now routine. The hard drive is dying, the 3D card routinely heats up and the fans start to scream, and playing any type of 3D game is impossible as the keyboard becomes too hot to touch before inevitably crashing.

Planned obsolescence should be treated as a crime against humanity and the environment, yet these monsters have sold me something that is now less reliable than my 10-year-old Windows XP Gateway.

So is anyone surprised Sony is selling its terrible, terrible PC business? I would be surprised if it finds any buyers.

Lauren Frost,

I'll qualify this by noting the vaio I bought was refurbished. But my problem isn't with the hardware. Sony is one of several companies to use proprietary drivers for things like graphics instead of ATI or Nvidia's. Reinstalled the drivers several times over the last year and a half since I bought the machine and still the only problem with it is the lockups and BSOD's caused by a faulty graphics driver. The support site even has the gall to list drivers as more up to date than they really are. The latest driver dated 2012 or 2013, were the exact same version number as the 2011 one installed on the machine. Again, I've reinstalled the latest version from Sony's site and it's had no effect. Ridiculous flaw too. I can play games like skyrim no problem, but the AMD driver dies when I'm using multiple instances of office or even programming in notepad++. What the hell Sony? I doubt things will get better since Sony is selling off the vaio division so they can focus on mobile platform development. I don't know why they think they can make smartphones and tablets when they can't even handle a basic laptop.

Sony vaios are fucking trash, this is the second time it's failed to startup now I got to get it fixed? Naw man. This laptop is by far the worst ever. Dells are more reliable Jesus Christ, my sony vaio isn't even 4 years old yet wtf kind of shit is that? Bottom line...I wouldn't recommend for anybody on planet earth to buy a fuckin don't vaio simply because they are unreliable and won't last long. Thats what she said ?

Juan Fuentes,
Worst laptop I've ever bought. Great looks, awful performance, stability and compatibility

My 3d vaio just passed away. It is getting hot as hell so you can iron with it, then it is dying in 2 years of unknown troubles. Impossible to fix. I will never buy it again. Each piece of shit costed me more than 00. Never again never again in my life!

Jason Chace,
Bought a VAIO e series laptop in 2013. Had the motherboard and hard drive replaced with the manufacturers warranty. Now the motherboard needs replaced again out of warranty for 6. This laptop was babied from the start. This is by far the worst computer I have owned and Sony should be ashamed for producing such a piece of crap. Its really sad that so many companies produce horrible products and don't stand behind them. Its a really bad time in this world for us consumers.

The worst laptop we've EVER PURCHASED and we've had a lot! Sony vaio by far is the crappiest machine ever made, windows 7 is crap too, the whole thing just cries RIPPED OFF! Cost a fortune and does itself NO JUSTICE whatsoever right from. The get go it's never functioned the way it should, it's slower than a slug,crashes constantly it's just absolute trash. NEVER will I buy Sony products again.

Fried motherboard within warranty period. They install a new one and then it goes out again six months later and I'm outside my warranty. Now they want to charge me 0 to replace the motherboard. Major bs. Will never buy another sony product again!!!

Sony used to build a good product. My experience with a Vaio laptop purchased in 2013 is beyond belief. You cannot make up stories about quality or service this bad!! Yes, they suck!! This time around (third crash of the solid state drive in one year) The want me to pay them 8 to repair it. I bought a three year warranty from them and they seem to ignore that little item too. The company is disconnected from the customer. I tried to reach Michael Fasulo, who is the President of Sony Electronics. There is no way to even reach an executive assistant. What kind of company is this? Take the consumers money, deliver crap and then run from responsibility. Mr. Fasulo I would like to hear from you or someone on the board of directors of your company, I am ticked and so are lots of other consumers.

Tuang Hui Teng,
Sony Vaio sucks. I'm using a Sony Vaio E Series then it started to became unresponsive and always stops working that I need to force restart it. Now I'm using Dell Studio and it's better than that piece of junk!!!

I bought a Sony T-Series Ultrabook that turned out to be a disaster. I continually had battery issues with the laptop, and even when customer service sent me 2 additional replacement battery packs, they just kept dying on me. After my one year warranty was up, Sony refused to provide me with further assistance unless I paid an additional 0 for warranty service. Don't buy Sony laptops!

rick lewis,
I've owned 3 Vaio's so far, the first 2 were Amazing. but this last one (the most expensive of the 3)... has been one problem after another. blueTooth, unreliable, WiFi unreliable, Touch Pad So Freaking Sensitive, it moves from 1/2 away. Freezes, then freezes again. Hangs on changing programs. Call Tech Support and the Barely speed english, and are just plain RUDE...

i write Software and live on my Laptop 18 hrs a day, my Laptop is my Lifes blood.

time is money, and the time i spend waiting for WiFi to connect and reconnect, or the blue-tooth mouse to un freeze, ( i finally went to a wireless mouse)...

just have to say this is the cheapest constructed Laptop i've every owned, Heck i bought my son and wife 2 ASUS's Laptops for 9 Each and the SMOKE this 0 Vaio.

UGGGG Damn this is ONE expensive piece of Frustration.

Thought it would be great...freezes better than my refrigerator

Hayley Doyle,
I got my laptop 9 months ago, and took incredible care of it. The computer is overheating, certain keys have popped out, the screen is unbinding at the edges, and now when I turn it on, it jumps from the start screen to the desk top so I cannot use it.

Worst laptop ever, it broke under warrantee, but they refused to fix it, so I had to pay them £240.00 pounds to replace their low quality power socket, then to top it all, they lost my laptop, but found it 5 weeks later. Never again!!

Bought a Vaio in January 2013. Absolute crap. Periodically locks up for 60 seconds, trackpad suddenly just stops working for anything up to 30 seconds. The whole thing just doesn't perform, despite being an i5 processor. Shoddy crap.

Well, can confirm Sony sucks internationally! Wish I had seen this before purchase. Within six months hinges broke - not due to substandard parts apparently - I caused the damage so not covered under warranty. Now wireless connection won't work properly, and now the sounds gone. Support is rubbish - send a long list of technical tasks which they know will eliminate most of the tickets because most people would be put off and t hey have the audacity to offer me a wireless adapter to boost my signal - is that an admission the vaio is shite then? An expensive lesson but NEVER AGAIN!!!

This is the worst computer I have ever had. I no longer buy any Sony products.

Bought my new Sony Vaio SV series October 2012. Right away there were some problems with the hard drive (blue screen + operating system not found) - but they were rare enough to ignore.. at first.
It began like a Jaws movie, started up slow and then built up the dread. About 5 months in, the headphone port gradually stopped working. Annoying, but I could live with that. Then, one of the usb ports started to break connections like a light going off. Not a month later, another one. By then I was pretty pissed, but I needed the Vaio for work so I couldn't exactly afford losing it to customer service for a month or so even though it was still covered by warranty.
About January 2014, the infamous grinding aka jet engine started. It's really enough to drive you insane. Tried fixing it myself, so I finally took the piece of shit apart - but apart from getting pissed even more at the process I got nowhere. 2 or 3 months ago the hard drive finally started to give up. My previous 5 year old laptop works better than this crap. What should still be a decent piece of hardware is but a few useless pieces of junk taped together. It's not even 2 years old and the only thing it's good for is to serve as a paperweight. As soon as I put away some money for a decent computer, I'm going Office Space on this abomination.
Sony can't and shouldn't make computers.

had numerous sony laptops since 2000.. finally given up after 2009 replacement was no better than something a third of the price

It was my biggest mistake to buy Vai E series laptop. In just 11 months of use the screen cracked. Even thought the laptop was in warranty I have to pay for the screen. After some time I started getting error messages that your hard disk is malfunctioned (this was happening when i was working on the laptop). After some time the error message vanished. Now after 1.5 years of use i got a new problem :@:@: laptop is not getting started. There is no display even the power light is on the screen remains blank, on checking with the support center they told the motherboard needs to be replaced. This is ridiculous.... :@:@:@:@ . After buying the laptop for 0 this is what I get.....
Replacing new screen and now after getting the motherboard fixed I have invested more 7 on this junk..... In this total amount i would have got a Alienware....

Gurdeep Singh,
the worst laptop in my life

I hate my sony viao laptop. it drops internet whenever it feels like. slow to respond battery life sucks. will not charge past 80% no matter what settings I use. I have only had computer a year and there has been times I been tempted to chuck out our window in our third floor apartment. if you have not bought sony computer DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!! I wasted almost 1000 $ and me and wife cannot use it. we have to use our smart phones for web or anything important.

Sony customer support is awful! I asked them about BIOS setup several times, but the people I talked to seems not to known what is BIOS is at all.

I currently own a Vaio VPCB laptop. What I don't like about the laptop is the fragility, as well as overheating issues it has, that's why I almost always have it on a cooling pad.

The problem with such laptops is that Sony is apparently going for form over function. I mean, my laptop's screen is very slim, I'm afraid that I might break it. Afterwards, I put my laptop in its bag, along with other items in a separate pocket. Once I left the airport for home, I was sadly disappointed by the fact that pretty much half of my screen was scrambled. Right now, I'm waiting for computer shops to open and get my PCB's screen fixed.

If successful, I'll keep it with me for some time, since I do not want to get a Sony laptop any more. If not, I won't really care. As a belated birthday gift, I'll be getting myself a replacement laptop, such as a Toshiba (like the one I'm using temporarily; it's not mine).

This is the absolute worst laptop I have ever had. It has been a problem from the start with random shut down, freezing, etc. The sucker is 14 month old and I have spent more time fixing it than using it. Two days ago it crashed again. Got I to an automatic repair loop. Could not access the auto repair settings because it no longer had me as an administrator. Phoned Sony canada and told that the only thing I could do was to reset to factory setting. Saved as much as I could on an external drive and now trying to reinstall 129 windows 8 updates. So far no luck and very frustrated. 3 days of he'll and not even sure that I can get it to work. I'm writing this on my Samsung tablet which h is way more reliable. I will never buy any more Sony products as long as I live. Only advice for the other suggestions for the other unfortunate souls who have bought this piece of garbage is back up, back up, because it will quit sure as the sun rises every day.

Touchscreen only works if i recalibrate it every 90 seconds, touchpad works intermittently, Sony online help as useful as a kick-stand on a Jackass....this is going back to Best Buy...worst computer I have EVER owned, bar none....I can't even keep the internet connection long enough to sign this bloody petition...SONY VAIO SUCKS!!!

Today I got really pissed off with my Vaio laptop and just out of seer frustration typed in the browser search "Sony Vaio Sucks" and wolla!!!!

They are horrid, with a horrid repair process and HORRID customer service. I need a refund.

Initial problem was a frustratingly slow WiFi speed, but man I had no idea Sony offers the most enraging and retarded form of "Support" ever.

After actually having been able to reach the correct support page for my specific laptop after endless referring cycles and webpages on on the Sony website that weren't even finished, the actual support page basically just kept saying "check your router"-this, "check your router"-that and so forth constantly ignoring the fact that it's their own product that's the real garbage.

Not to mention the fact that pretty much every Sony Vaio laptop owner has issues with the internet. But be sure to keep denying that's there's a problem at all, Sony. So professional and mature.


The worst customer service and laptops ever made. Made the mistake of wasting my money on a Z series. Regretted from Day One. Absolute junk. Terrible cooling and design. Sounds like a fighter jet taking off.

Dan Hussle,
sony vaio really do suck, I got a sony laptop a few months ago and just after 2 months on of the screen hinges came completely off.

A Tabin,
Worst flipping laptop and customer service ever. I usually have HP or SAMSUNG.... Much better quality and service. Sony SUCKS big time. NEVER AGAIN. I will start make sure everyone I come in contact and clients that I fix computers for are aware to never buy Sony.

Worst product ever purchased, will never purchase Sony Vajo or any Sony product again
unit shuts down when it wants, reset's computer to factory something? drops programs installed
already had repaired 2 times ready for big Dumster

Bought a Sony Vaio SVF15N26CXB in May of 2014. Since then it I've had to reinstall the OS, sent off to tech support twice because it boots up but nothing appears on the screen. Replaced the motherboard. Didn't work. Spent 1k+ on this piece of crap. I'm so disillusioned I let the wife talk me into buying an Apple. Sony will never get another penny from me and considering I'll be in the market for a TV/projector and a home theater system, this will cost the company some money. BTW, I loathe Apple (not fond of proprietary everything. I know "And you chose Sony?!" I'm a hypocrit)

I found this page by searching "Sony Vaio sucks" in a fit of irritation, haha.

I got my Vaio laptop a while ago, and for a hella high price. (about 950$) Do not let the fancy light up keyboard or the tablet-conversion thingy fool you. This laptop frustrates me to no end. Ever since I first got it, it's always had issues connecting to the wifi as it randomly disconnects at times for seemingly no reason. Watching Netlix is a nightmare, because this poor computer just can't seem to maintain a real connection long enough to stop things from getting out of sync in the video. This definitely isn't a local wifi issue as my old computer could connect just fine. Also, the cursor pad is so annoyingly hard to use. the cursor jumps around from place to place, it's hard to click things and it just won't stay still! On top of that the whole thing just feels so fragile that I'm pretty much terrified to carry it much of anywhere. The laptop isn't a total nightmare; it gets the job done (most of the time) and it's small and efficient, but NOT worth the money in this case!!! Just stick to a Macbook Air if you're looking for fast and light...

Timothy Holmes,
All SONY products and after-sales service I have bought over the years since the 1990s have been a disaapointment. Based on experiential evidence - I view SONY products as bad quality for a high price.

Unlucky Grandson,
I got this piece of shit handy down VAIO from my grandma after my dumbass brother broke my nice ASUS. I tried to run Minecraft on here, and it actually melted one of the fan blades. I swear to god, this laptop is the caricature of terrible computers.

Boris Dubbeldam,
Bought a Vaio Fit. Network card doesnt work due to design flaw. Very slow. No response from Sony.

Amine Chouchene,
whats going on with the FAN .. she screeeaaaaaaam

One week in. System crashes repeatedly. Sony vaio fit 13a. Not worth the 00 I lost.

Tricia Lang,
It sucked before it died and they it took them a month to get it back to it's a piece of garbage. Will not hold an internet connection for more than a few minutes, constantly recovering webpages and losing webpages. Where the hell does the mouse cursor keep disappearing too??? Just waiting for it to die and have it reset again. Customer service slow. Will never buy Sony again. Next computer will be Apple.

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Rob Walker,
Sony is holding my vaio laptop to ransom... bought it from PC world so when the Screen broke(cracked internally although there was no force put on to it) we took it into them as there was still a month left on warranty. PC world sent it to Sony to be fixed, who told PC world that it was broke by external force so they would charge a 2 thirds of what the laptop cost to fix it or to return it to us in its current condition they would charge us £63 to do so!!! they havent fixed anything, it doesnt belong to them, it has pictures and documents i cant get back including those of my newborn. so im taking legal advice to see if they can do this!?

so there you have it laptop being held at ransom, we either pay or we pay? NOT fair!

SV series with win 8 has never worked right. Now it shuts down for no reason when picked up. it SUCKS!!

Shoddy construction, incompetent repair staff, mediocre hardware...

Sony cuts costs on its laptops, and it does it terribly. They are a conglomerate, but unless they change, they will slowly die. Its economics.

Apple is a superior company.

B. Caesar M.,
If you hard drive fails (which eventually will), you need to pay for one that is as expensive as the SSD kind but performs like a regular on. Total ripoff. Will never trust or see the brand Sony the same way. The XBox One and the 18650 LG's battery are starting to look more appealing now. Never ever another Sony product for me or the people who ask me for advices (I'm the techie guy in my social circle).


I hate SONY VAIO more than my ex-boss who was a split personality motherf***er

D Conner,

Sean Sepulveda,
The screen of my beautiful 13", 00 vaio laptop....stopped working after a year....why sony?

My its Sony vaio laptop failed after 3 weeks,John Lewis replaced it with another crap vaio had several complete resets..disk errors..I too feel like using a hammer on it,but it cost £900.00.will never buy another Sony Sony was 1721..rubbish.

they use very slow cpus while there are more laptops in the same prices that use much better cpu , firm casing, and the most important thing is vaio isn using specific gpu rather than intel hds, vaio laptops are very very very very very expensive, while other competitors in the same price are so much better

John P,
I've had to reload Windows 8 on this piece of crap at least three times. Trying to get Sony to honor the extended warranty that I paid a ton of money for is like the Spanish Inquisition. Sony sucks, plain and simple.

Shittiest laptop ever- Sony Vaio.
I was a fool to waste SGD 2000 for this crap.

sony vaio is the worst computer i have ever had in my life.
so many problems. i still use my old dell laptop which is way better although i spent more money on vaio
i had many factory defects in vaio. (bottons f1 through f12) dont work
brightness problems
screen is like mirror which makes it impossible to enjoy watching a video or using any app.
i spent a lot of money to get good quality laptop but the result is 100% dissatisfaction
do they care about you? no they dont, they got the money
i will never ever buy any sony product and will never recommend it

bought new E series Vaio a year ago. keyboard broke down then started working again after 2 months, then it was the blue screen issue, and now i just noticed the screen is popping out of the case from the bottom on both sides, making it loose

Worst quality laptop ever

Sony Vaio Sucks and Sony Fan Boy are dumbheads, not surprising when heard about a possible collaboration between Apple and Vaios. Vaio are terrible and overpriced PC. I can't believe so many they had so many custumers. When you buy a product just because it's from sony you are just a flat person.

I'm keeping mine together with superglue

Bought a sony vaio laptop few years ago and I am angry about buing it every time i open the god forsaken spawn of satan. I would love to meet people responsible for designing this laptop so I can tell them how much they suck. And when I say they suck i mean that they suck so much even black holes dont suck so much. Worst (or best) prostitutes dont suck so much as sony design team. They were so f-ing lazy that we have put all the usb slots next to eachother so if u want to use more than two then it sucks to be You. I can rarely plug i 3 things in there but at least I have a blu ray player. Then they thought, what else can we fuck up and they came up with most idiotic piece of shit in the whole universe. A brilliant and innovative charging port that is... yes You guessed right.. A FUCKING CIRLCE!! isin't it genius?? Its so awesome when it breaks off a month after the warranty ends so when You call up to the Satans/sony headquarters they tell You that it will only take 2 weeks minimum and just 150 quid for a fucking piece of plastic that will break off again and again until You are so fed up with this so called "computer" that You throw it through Your window. But then You get sad because window was worth more than this piece of crap and You just want to go back in time, to the moment before You stepped into the sony shop so You could stop Yourself from making the biggest mistake of Your life. Unfortunately i havent learned my lesson and bought two same usb memory sticks. One stopped working after i plugged it in the second time and another one lasted a whil month. Thank you sony, hope that You go bancrupt. Even James Bond was a victim of a vaio laptop in Skyfall. Long story short: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SONY! Everything works fine for a month and then it starts to ruin your mental health and your wallet.

Steve Brammer,
I have ever had such displeasure in equipment not fit for purpose. A Sony Vaio laptop and Windows 8 is a recipe for utter and complete garbage.

Bought this Vaio 4 years ago for 00 because the guys at best buy said it was the best one there, started regretting the decision as soon as I brought it home. charging port wasnt working so I sent it back to them 2 months later I get it back saying they cant do anything, fixed the problem myself by using pushing the charging rods closer together. Now after multiple more issues I had to go to back to best buy to get a macbook pro because I went to go to close my laptop and the hinge broke and went through my screen.

Sony Vaio should die in a fire... Well, it did!

shravan amjala,
I am extremely disappointed in SONY. Many customers, after having repeated issues with untimely and unsustainable fixes, just chalk it up to a loss in money. A loss in money of almost 00, countless hours wasted in time with robotic customer service, and stress from dealing with the idiots at Sony.

they have bunch of problems like the mouse pad right and left click confused each other. the system keep jamming!

MY hans aee fully reratws aftwer using that sahirr keyboears foe ONLT 3 DAYS. Now i wnws that horror 2 weeks ago and mt gands srtill canr write on any possivle keyboeaerd. SONY YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO CURE MY FUCKING HANDS.

Alin Paun,
Sony Vaio Flip Sucks! Noisy fan, bad Wi-Fi connection, slow CPU, zero Sony customer support.

Piece of C R A P. Sony vaios drove my out of PC world (the only advantage I see). Their bloated setup renders laptop useless after fresh system restore. You need to remove evetyrhing to make it work.

vaio sucks!!

Typing this on my phone! Hate Sony Vaio! Repeatedly pick up the rattely, rickety, coming apart at the seams (literally) lump of black plastic they sent me to throw it out the window, but then I remember the 2 grand they conned me out of when I bought it and I just place carefully back on the desk in the hope that one day it will do what the website promised it would and I bow my head and watch tears drip from my face into my gin and tonic as yet another day drifts by where I'm unable to work... Woe is me...Sony Vaio sits on a throne of lies!

I got a broken hinge on Sony Vaio Fit 14 E and it broke by itself, I SONY says that that's my own faulty even I'm under warranty and it's not my faulty they didn't want to hear my explanation . F*CK SONY VAIO

Yeah. Absolute fucking wank.

Bought my first Sony Vaio laptop in 2012 a few months later it broke down which stated having problems with the drives and countess other serious issues. Got myself a brand new Sony Vaio replacement and to my horror exactly the same thing happened only having it running for 3 days! My advise is never buy a Sony Vaio computer!!! Ever!!!


Purchased Sony VAIO Laptop Sept 2013 from largest Sony retail supplier . Paid retail and paid for everything to be on the computer at store. 00 AUD cost. Blackscreened in the first week and computer replaced by retailer for a new one. Second computer had restart problems with driver over the following 3 months and repaired 3 times at my cost as needed the computer same day. The battery died 6 months in and only wORKS via cord. Has had startup problems every since THE MINDLESS UPDATES OF DATA AND PROGRAMES I NEVER USE . The Sony VAIO has been used very little the past year as my 0 smart phone has better reliability. I HAVE TOLD OVER A FEW HUNDRED FRIENDS AND CLIENTS TO NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER PURCHASE A SONY LAPTOP VAIO . EVER. MY BEST FRIEND TOLD ME THE ANGUISH THE PAYTOP HAS CAUSED MYSELF IS ABOUT THE SAME AS MY WIFE OF 15 YEARS LEAVING ME FOR A MATE . THE DIVORCE PROCESS WAS FAR EASIER AND LESS PAINFULL THEN THE PLETHORA OF ISSUES AND UNRESOLVED PROBLEMS WITH SONY VAIO. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIVORCE SEEM EASY GO AN BUY A SONY VAIO PIECE OF SHIT LAPTOP AND TRY AND USE DURING THE DIVORCE PROCESS. IT WILL TAKE YOU

kevin munnerlyn,
sony vaio charging port has broken now for the third time and have to have it repaired any solutions anyone have